Project won a prize of 50% of the tuition fee of the academic year for Master’s Degree in Branding and Brand Strategy, Barcelona

My Prompt

Join us in reimagining the future with pedal-powered innovation! Imagine a world where every bike ride not only energizes your body but also revitalizes our planet. Picture yourself riding through lush landscapes, knowing that each turn of the pedal is cleansing water and nurturing ecosystems. How can we harness this transformative power of human action to create a sustainable, inclusive, and fulfilling future for all?
Let’s pedal towards a brighter tomorrow together!”
Mission Statement: At PedalEco, we believe in harnessing the power of human action to create a sustainable and thriving future for our planet and its inhabitants. Our innovative pedal-powered solutions empower individuals to actively contribute to environmental stewardship while enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.
Core Values:
1. Sustainability: We are committed to developing eco-friendly solutions that reduce environmental impact and promote resource conservation.
2. Wellness: We prioritize physical health, mental well-being, and emotional fulfillment through our products and initiatives.
3. Innovation: We embrace creativity and innovation to drive positive change and inspire a culture of continuous improvement.
4. Inclusivity: We believe in creating accessible and inclusive solutions that empower people from all backgrounds to participate in shaping a better future.
5. Community: We foster a sense of community and collaboration, encouraging individuals to join us on the journey towards a greener world.
Key Offerings:
1. PedalEco WaterCleanse Bike: Our flagship product, the WaterCleanse Bike, utilizes pedal power to purify water as you ride. Each mile traveled contributes to cleaner waterways and healthier ecosystems.
2. PedalEco Community Initiatives: We organize community events and campaigns to promote environmental awareness, sustainability practices, and active lifestyles.
3. PedalEco Education Programs: Through workshops, educational resources, and partnerships, we empower individuals with knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the planet.
Visual Identity:
1. Logo: The PedalEco logo features a stylized bicycle wheel integrated with elements symbolizing water purification and green living.
2. Color Palette: Earthy greens, blues, and clean whites evoke feelings of nature, freshness, and sustainability.

Ai Tools: ChatGPT 3.5, LensGO


Welcome, it’s great to have you here.

PedalEco is a cool way to have fun, exercise, share, and take good care of our resources!

Brand Experience:
PedalEco is way more than just a product or a brand, is a mindset, a lifestyle, a movement. This is why we don’t call customers to the people who join us, we call them water friends because we consider them activists who strive for a better world, one pedal at a time.
PedalEco creates a brand experience that inspires, educates, and empowers individuals to be agents of positive change.
Impact and Growth:
PedalEco aims to make a measurable impact on environmental sustainability metrics, such as water quality improvement, carbon footprint reduction, and community engagement. As we grow, we envision expanding our product line to include innovative pedal-powered solutions for various environmental challenges, further cementing our position as a leader in pedal-powered innovation for a brighter, greener future.